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Demon – Guardian figure (Dwarpala) from a temple in Bali
19th Century CE

Tribal Handbag
Animal teeth
Myanmar (Burma)

Round Salver with floral borders depicting Jataka tales in the centre
Gold Lacquer
19th Century CE
Myanmar (Burma)

Three bronze statues of standing Buddha’s of Ceylon workmanship
13th Century CE
Negapattam, South India

Beetle Box with embossed reliefs of human figures and floral designs
19th Century CE
Myanmar (Burma)

Manuscript of Dhammachakka Pavattana Sutta written in Sinhalese
Palm leaf
Circa 18th – 19th Century CE
Kandy, Ceylon

Burmese Gong on a stand resting on elephant’s back with a hammer carved extensively in Sandalwood
Sandalwood, Brass
Myanmar (Burma)

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