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Figure of Apollo Belvendre
Bronze Copy – Original in Marble in Vatican City

Head dress of a Russian Noble lady having a green coloured coating of cloth and circular designs with white, red and green coloured stones on the outer side
16th Century CE

Fuime Nilo
Bronze Copy – Original in Marble in Vatican City

Bowl with a Gorgo (Medusa) head on the lid
Brass and silver

A coy of Velazquez’s portrait of Infanta Maria Theresa with a rich frame
Plaster Cast and Reproduction
1653 CE

Patera with figure of Athena
Galvano copy with decoration in gold and silver
Greaco – Roman Art
1st Century CE

A brass frame with images of saints painted in enamel plaques and ornated with imitation stones
Early 17th Century CE

vase with a dish with twelve knobled projections on top and supported on a white glass stand with three gold horse heads
16th Century CE
Venice, Italy

Shallow glass Vase with a round base having white and golden wavy designs in centre
16th Century CE
Venice, Italy

Salver of corporation of Norwich– embossed with relief of triumphs of Neptune and Amphitrite
Galvano Copy
16th Century CE

Armour of Henry II with Galvano plastic shield with a damascene reproduction in gold and silver
Copper and Steel

Four Gospels, an addition for church service with five oval shaped paintings

Helmet decorated with embossed relief having a floral ornamentation and depicting a fighting scene in the centre
Galvano copy
Late Italian Renaissance Period

Bead Embroidered bags
18th – 19th Century CE

Figure of Paolina Borghese reclining on a bed and holding an apple in her left hand
Roman art

Fibula – A European Art having a broach and a circular dice with a needle attached to it
Oxidised Silver

Table bells in shape of a girl
18th Century CE

Ballet Dancer on Stage
Oil Painting – reproduction
Roman Art

Fritileitos – blooming flowers in a flower pot
Oil Painting – reproduction
Roman Art

Sleeping Cupid – The Roman god of love
Marble copy
Roman Art

The thorn extractor
Greek art, original in Rome
5th Century BCE

Clythia – Bust of a Roman Lady, Daughter in law of Emperor Augustus
Marble Copy
Roman Art

Marble relief depicting a snake
Greek art
5th century BCE

Greek art
4th century BCE

Athlete throwing disc
Artist – Myron
Greek art
Early 5th century BCE

Temptation of eve
Artist – A. Fellici

Standing figure of Eve
Artist – Signor Augustus Fellici

Group of figures representing Neapolitan Folk life.
Artist – De Matties

Tall, Turquoise coloured vase on a square shaped golden platform, having two golden handles with golden floral designs on border and a white leaf shaped medallion depicting still life – fruits.

A small pale green Scent bottle bearing a female figure in white relief and floral borders

Three-legged rainbow coloured flower Vase

Miniature bust of recamier
Artist – Van der Stractar

Blue – Green globular shaped vase having a narrow neck depicting a dark landscape and floral decorations

Conch shell carved with the head of an Italian Girl

Royal blue coloured Vase with a lid and golden designs all over on a square platform, White coloured snake shaped handles, having a pale violet oval shaped medallion with golden borders in which a child playing with flowers is depicted.

Small size copy of a marble group named – Cupid and Psyche “Love and Soul”

Inspiration – A beautiful female statuette wearing a silhouette with wings on the backside and holding a musical instrument in her left hand
Artist - Eugene Marionton
Circa 1880 – 90 CE

Italian Art
Artist – Donatello (1386 – 1466) from Florence
15th Century CE
St. George

A slave

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